Audio Narration

Audio Narration

The most important principle for designing lively eLearning is to see eLearning design not as information design but as designing a learning experience. (Cathy Moore)

Narration Brings Your eLearning Script To Life

We take the content and create eLearning courses that are stimulating, engaging, interactive and learner centric.

They are hosted on your learning management system or we can provide a .


Narration enables learners who are visually impaired or have special needs to access your courses. Including a voiceover transcript makes your courses content more accessible to learners with learning impairments.

For learners with English as a second language the narration also opens the program to a multilingual audience.

  • 24% more profit

According to HR Magazine companies that invest €1,780 on training per employee can see an average of 24% more profit than companies who invest less.

When Should I Use Voiceover?

You should only use voiceover for your eLearning course when it enriches the learning process. Delivered badly it will detract from the learner’s experience. By that I mean, narration that repeats every word on screen causes cognitive overload.

Some learners respond better to visuals and others to audio. The combination of both compliments the narration and research demonstrates that when mixing audio and visual information retention and recall rates increase.